The next episode of 3D printing will involve printing entirely new kinds of materials. Eventually we will print complete products – circuits, motors, and batteries already included. At that point, all bets are off.” (Hod Lipson)

ABID has 3D printing and 3D creation in its DNA.

When ABID started in August of 2003, our first assignment was to implement 3D prototyping (SLA) into the workflow of a clients R&D devision.
In 2012 ABID build it’s in house FDM printer. With this ABID creates scale models of it’s transportation designs and 1:1 scale prototypes of it’s product designs.

Because of our experience in 3D printing creation and printing in high quality with speed the idea was born to create a low cost, high speed, flexible FDM factory. With 3D printed robots,  automated packaging  and our own materials. Everything just in time without stock.

In our opinion the Netherlands should regain it’s focus on manufacturing, but then the smart way.

ABID works hard in realizing it’s 3D factory concept in 2017…

When ABID gives 3D print courses and presentation we usually start by telling our students (range 14 years old- 22 years old) that they might be the first to reach the age of 150.

Because that’s how disruptive 3D printing will be…  and besides a lot of new possibilities such as lightweight design, impossible shapes made possible, new materials and freedom for creating all you want we will also face difficult decisions…new and bold social questions, such as:

-Is becoming a 150 years old for the rich?
-When is someone old enough?
-Pollution and age?
-Population numbers rise…what is the solution?

These questions will pop up… hope our government sees them coming on time!