In the philosophy of ABID,  Design is “the” way to become a known brand. Every company can produce “good” products! So the way to distinquis yourself as a brand is by doing it smarter or more beautiful then others.

At ABID we believe that good design is always “makeable” and centers around your clients and/or markets.

We tend to find a different approach or point of view and create a concept around that. If you have your own design concept that you would like to conceive, we will help you in realising it!

Always balancing lines and surfaces in such a way that it’s timeless and logical.

We use state of the art technology and software to create our designs. Wacom design TFT displays and 3D printers from small to very large.

ABID always tries to compose a balanced symphony in shape.

A symphony that tells a breathtaking story to your clients.


As a design company  with a track record of over 17 years we know how to “create” products, vehicles and 3D printed ideas.
Our first assignment in 2003 was to implement Rapid prototyping at a clients R&D department.

Since 2012 ABID uses an in house 3D printer. We use it to create a 1:1 scale product or a mockup to scale (for instance vehicle designs)

With that technology on board we can help you faster and more accurate with designs that do not only breath balance, but you can feel it to! Real life!

Holding a product and reviewing it live provides you with the abbility to give much more accurate feedback, to push our proces and quality even higher.

From 2015  on ABID can also provide you with Prototype techniques such as SLS, SLA, FDM and much more, feel free to contact us if you need engineering advice or high end 3D created products.


We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” (quote by William Shakespeare)
For more than 6 years ABID loves to inspire people. As a company ABID is involved with several projects that share knowledge on design and engineering. such as the Techno Challenge by Tata Steel and 3D printing & car design projects at several Universities and colleges.
As a guest teacher, Alexander gave colleges at the Art academy of Maastricht (Academy Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht), University of Heerlen – Engineering department and the HVA Amsterdam – Product design department.

His colleges topic creativity, the design proces, the proces of 3D printing and automotive design. [more information here]

ABID is hands on, by helping on several car builds at Heerlen University.

If you would like Alexander to give a inspirational session, just contact ABID ( / +31 6 17544428)