“Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone.” (quote by Deepak Chopra)

ABID’s network:

Doing business is all about who you know!
It’s a bold statement but to our experience it’s a true statement!

ABID is active in several business clubs and environments.

To mention a few:

– Kennemer Business events (www.kennemerbusiness.nl)

– Meerbusiness Haarlem

– Zwerfborrel

– Zuyd hogeschool business evenings

– MAAKHaarlem monthly meetings (www.maakhaarlem.nl)

If you have a tip, please contact ABID.

If we can attend we love to! Let’s meet!

ABID’s social Network:

As you can see in our menu, social networking is a prominent main item in it.

ABID believes that modern day technology and social media is a fantastic way to keep in touch, renew old friendships, find new clients and give more service and information.

If you would like to follow ABID, please find us at one of our social media options, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and vimeo.

ABID loves to see you there!