After rain comes sunshine… now that the crisis is passing, ABID is shacking off it’s old corporate style that has been around for a decade.

After a nice (long) weekend of styling with friend and very talented senior designer
Mark van Roon, we came up with a brand new corporate identity.

It’s time for a decade of color, shaking off the dark shade of the crisis.

ABID introduces: magenta, cyan, orange and green.
These 4 colors stand for the 4 divisions of ABID:
Product Design,
Transportation Design,
3D modeling & animation,
3D printing and creation.

A new logo connects these divisions together by use of color and typography, the new logo is also far more “readable” from a distance.

With new colors and logo automatically comes the need for a new website. Our old website dated from 2007, used Flash and was way to “dark’

The site you are looking at now is state of the art, High end CMS, Responsive design, HTML5, and cool plugins and widgets.
Needles to say that ABID designed and build this site… we hope you like it!

Welcome to the new and Improved ABID website…